Nick Blum set out to reimagine the retailer-customer relationship. After years of working within the traditional jewelry industry, we wanted to do something different – a luxurious experience we would enjoy ourselves.

You're The VIP.

One-on-One Consultations

Private consultations in our boutique are all about you. Take a seat in our private luxury den and let us do the work as we bring rings and diamonds to you.

Every consultation in our boutique is private. It’s sure to impress your significant other or keep your surprise a secret.

Due to the nature of our services, Blumlux requires appointments.

Not able to make it to our boutique in Mass Ave?  No problem!  We can deliver the same quality of service via Skype or Facetime.

Relax. Enjoy.

No pressure. Ever.

The closest thing you’ll find to a sales counter is our stocked bar (complimentary access, of course).

Nick Blum and his small team love what they do. There are no commissions. No pressure. No rush. No pushy sales tactics.

Our goal is to guide you and make the process as easy and comfortable as possible. Nick Blum and his staff are thrilled to educate you on every aspect of this exciting journey as well as help you purchase a high-quality diamond engagement ring that will last forever.

Consultations usually last less than 45 minutes. But, we stay as long as it takes to get you started in the right direction with confidence.

The Price is Right.

Value For Any Budget

There’s no cart on our website because there are no set prices at Blumlux.

We work with each client individually to learn your wishes and understand your budget, which helps us deliver the best-valued ring and diamond options possible.

Quality Guaranteed.

BLUMLUX is not a massive, corporate diamond house and we don’t aspire to be as such. This allows us to stay true to our promise: offering engagement rings and wedding bands at the best price with the best quality and unparalleled customer service.

A completely in-house process, and partnering with the best jewelry artisans and diamond dealers around the world, your experience and satisfaction is our number one priority.


Nick Blum and his team take a “hands-on” approach throughout the process. A GIA certified graduate, Nick shares his knowledge and expertise throughout every step. All diamonds are personally inspected by Blum to ensure it meets the Blumlux standards.

While PureGrown Diamonds is our preferred diamond supplier, Nick can find any diamond to meet your expectations.


We take pride in our Vena Collection & services. If we’re stamping a ring with our name on it, rest assured it must be of the best quality.

The Vena Collection is handmade to order. Each ring is crafted for a specific hand – a hand that belongs to you and/or your spouse. Therefore, we request that you allow 3-4 weeks delivery time on all orders.

To prove that we stand behind our jewelry, Blumlux offers a comprehensive guarantee for all of our rings. Read about our promise here.

PureGrown Diamonds

Our preferred diamond supplier: certified, conflict-free, environmentally-friendly & sustainable.

Frequently Asked Questions

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