Pure Grown Diamonds

Certified & Sustainable

Conflict-free, environmentally-friendly & sustainable. Pure Grown Diamonds are identical to mined diamonds – sharing the same physical, chemical and optical properties as their natural counterparts. Mined diamonds have high overhead costs and the market is also determined by the limited supply of diamonds. Due to the advancement of lab-grown diamonds, Pure Grown diamonds offer consumers the same qualities and features of mined diamonds, but at more affordable pricing structures.


Lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds; sharing the same physical, chemical and optical properties. The only difference is the origin.


Grown in a facility with advanced technology, Pure Grown diamonds create less of a direct impact on the environment than mined diamonds.


Pure Grown diamonds are committed to the sustainability of natural systems & the environment.

Guaranteed Origin

The guaranteed origin of a lab-grown diamond ensures that you have a truly conflict-free diamond.


Pure Grown diamonds are graded to the same standards by the same leading independent gemological labs as mined diamonds. Finally, Nick Blum personally inspects every diamond to ensure it meets Blumlux standards.


The girdle of each Pure Grown diamond is laser-inscribed with the unique, corresponding grading number to properly identify your diamond & its origin.

Nick Blum

Master Jeweler

I’m Nick Blum. I have a passion for creating beautiful jewelry using the finest pure-grown, conflict-free diamonds. From an early age, I would sketch jewelry designs in a notebook. I am now pursuing my dream of creating artisan wedding jewelry in a convenient online space. You can make selections and craft the perfect ring without ever leaving the house!

Honoring Tradition

Vena Amoris

Dating back to Ancient Egypt, it was believed that a specific blood vessel, the Vena Amoris (Latin name meaning "Veins of Love"), ran directly from the fourth finger on the left hand to the heart. Placing an endless circle ring on this finger signified the eternal nature of a bond and the promise to remain committed to a spouse. That origin story is why we now call it the "ring finger".

Ancients, kings, and queens believed red rubies to be the most valuable and sought after precious stones, even over diamonds. A sign of passion and faithful love, rubies were considered to be the perfect wedding stone.

Modern science has shown that there are many veins in the ring finger, with the two main arteries running along the bottom sides of the finger. As an homage to the origins of marriage, and to promote passion, empowerment, and healthy blood circulation throughout the body, Blumlux places two red rubies inside each ring, positioned directly over these vessels.

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